Mark Wahlberg Will Battle Robot Cops in The Raven

And no, he won’t be quoting Edgar Allan Poe while he’s doing it, either. Mark Wahlberg’s “Raven”, which he has signed on to produce and star, is not to be confused with the crime flick “The Raven” starring John Cusack as every emo’s hero, but will instead be an original film set, one presumes, sometime in the near future. It does, after all, involve robot cops and such.

The film will be based on Ricardo De Montreuil’s short film of the same name, and will star Wahlberg as “a young man with powers being chased around downtown Los Angeles by robotic police drones, while a giant police ship coordinates the effort from the skies above.”

See what I mean? Robot police drones? A giant robot ship in the sky? Sounds futuristic to me.

Nick Osborne, Trevor Engelson and Oly Obst of Underground Films will executive produce, with Universal footing the bill.

Justin Marks, who wrote the abomination that was “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li” (below), will script the feature. Uh oh.