Marlon Wayans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Join G.I. Joe

Stephen Sommer’s “G.I. Joe” movie is getting bigger, adding Marlon Wayans (he of the 50 or so Wayans currently working in Hollywood) to his cast, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (last year’s “The Lookout”) currently in negotiations to do likewise. In the film, Wayans, primarily a comedian, will be playing Ripcord, while Levitt’s character is still unknown.


Wayans will play Ripcord, leader of the military unit.

War-themed story is set 10 years in the future. Stuart Beattie penned the screenplay, while Paul Lovett & David Elliot and Skip Woods contributed earlier drafts.

The Stephen Sommers-helmed film is set to start shooting next month in Los Angeles. Rachel Nichols, Sienna Miller, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Said Taghmaoui have already joined the cast.

So this thing is set “10 years in the future”? Interesting. I hadn’t known that before. Although the idea that a gagman like Wayans playing anyone’s “leader” is pretty funny in itself.

Marlon Wayans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins G.I. Joe