Martin Campbell to Direct Green Lantern Movie

Martin Campbell is no stranger to action-adventure movies, having directed the Zorro flicks with Antonio Banderas, and more recently, the first re-invention of James Bond, “Casino Royale”. Which probably makes him a pretty good candidate to direct the Green Lantern movie, and Warner Bros. seems to think so, too, because they are currently in negotiations for Campbell to board the stalled project and finally get a DC comic book movie made this century. Just kidding, of course, but aside from the Batman movies by Nolan, the WB and DC sure are finding it hard going to get one of their comic book movies onto the big screen lately.

Variety has your Campbell negotiation news:

Campbell last directed “Casino Royale” and recently wrapped the Mel Gibson starrer “Edge of Darkness,” based on the 1985 BBC miniseries that Campbell helmed.

The emergence of Campbell, who also helmed two “Zorro” films and the 007 film “GoldenEye,” puts “Green Lantern” at the top of DC properties being set for movie treatment by WB. While the studio is hoping director Chris Nolan will follow its 2008 smash “The Dark Knight” with another Batfilm, DC projects such as Superman and “Justice League” were expected to happen quickly, but have stalled.

Campbell will be directing from a script by Greg Berlanti (who was originally signed on to write and direct), as well as Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green. According to previous reports, this version of the Green Lantern will be the traditional Hal Jordan test pilot character, and not one of the later incarnations.

Below: The Green Lantern can make anything with his ring, but he usually just makes big hammers to hit people with. He’s nutty that way.