Martin Scorsese Loves 3D So Much, All His Future Movies Will Now be in 3D

Martin Scorsese at the OscarsCan you imagine “The Departed” in 3D? “Taxi Driver”? “Goodfellas”? “Raging Bull”? Okay, so I could see “Raging Bull” as a 3D movie (“Look out, Robert De Niro’s fist is coming right at you!”), but the other three? Or the rest of Martin Scorsese’s filmography? Probably not.

But now that he’s shot a movie in 3D (that would be last year’s “Hugo”), Martin Scorsese swears by the technology, and now promises that all of his future movies will be in 3D. Of course, Scorsese is saying this during a 3D panel at CinemaCon in Vegas, so you would expect him to toot the technology’s horn like his life depended on it. But sheesh — every single film from now on, Marty?

There is something that 3-D gives to the picture that takes you into another land and you stay there and it’s a good place to be… It’s like seeing a moving sculpture of the actor and it’s almost like a combination of theater and film combined and it immerses you in the story more. I saw audiences care about the people more.

Really? I never saw a 3D movie where it made me care about the characters more. If anything, I forgot about character and just waited for the next object to come right at me.

The thing is, 3D might work on “Hugo”, a fantasy picture with set pieces, but would it actually work on everyday drama that doesn’t feature huge explosions or major action set pieces? I just can’t see it. Martin Scorsese seems to think so, though, and who are we to say he’s wrong.

Then again, as long as studios give me the option, I don’t suppose it matters how Martin Scorsese or his fellow panelist Ang Lee wants to shoot their movie.

Martin Scorsese in Hugo (2011) Movie Image

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