Martin Scorsese on the Case of The Snowman

The Snowman Novel CoverMartin Scorsese is said to be in early talks to direct the crime film “The Snowman” for Working Title, based on the novel of the same name by Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbo. Matthew Michael Carnahan (“The Kingdom”), a man so awesome his parents gave him two first names, neither one of which is his last name, will adapt the novel.

“The Snowman” is the 7th novel in Nesbo’s series of novels about a Detective name Harry Hole, who tracks a serial killer that turns his victims into snowmen. Cops hate him, but kids love him. Cause, you know, of the snowmen.

The Harry Hole books are set in Oslo, Norway, but I’m sure they’ll change the setting up to an American city. What would be the point of adapting it otherwise? Just ask David Fincher. Uh, nevermind.

Martin Scorsese, meanwhile, has just wrapped “Hugo”, his first foray into 3D. God save his soul.

Martin Scorsese

Via : Showblitz