Marvel and FX Strike Major Deal

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As soon as they finish their theatrical run, and the DVDs are on the shelf, Marvel’s “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” will be heading straight to the FX Network for their cable run, thanks to a major deal between Marvel Studios and the FX Network. Not only those two movies, but Marvel will also throw in three, as-yet-unnamed comic book movies. In return, FX will pony up something in the vicinity of $22 million buckaroos a piece for each movie.


As with most of the basic-cable pre-buys, the net agrees to pony up a license fee that hovers at around 11% of the domestic gross, a figure that cuts off at $200 million. If all five movies end up as $200 million-plus blockbusters — a very big if, of course — FX would pay the maximum $22 million apiece for a grand total of $110 million. That’s a gigantic license fee, but lots of people watch big-hit movies on cable TV, so there wouldn’t be any complaints from FX.

Who knew, just a few years ago, that the FX Network would become such a big deal? It’s already got some of the best shows on TV, now add Marvel’s stable.

Marvel and FX Strike Major Deal

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