Marvel and Netflix are Teaming Up for 4 TV Shows and a Defenders Mini-Series

Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Stylish asskickers.

As previously reported, Marvel is working on a series of TV shows and one mini-series based on their characters, and speculation ran rampant about which character they were focusing on. And, of course, which characters we would like them to focus on.

Today, Marvel and Walt Disney have officially announced that they are partnering with online video streamer Netflix for just that.

Jessica Jones Comic

Jessica Jones at your service.

So who will we see on the small screen? Glad you asked.

Looks like the Man Without Fear will kick things off. That’s “Daredevil” to you non-comic book geeks out there. He’ll be followed by “Jessica Jones”, “Iron Fist”, and then “Luke Cage”, each with their own shows.

The shows, we’re told, will “unfold over multiple years of original programming, taking Netflix members deep into the gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen, New York.”

As per the deal, Netflix has committed to a minimum of four, thirteen episodes series, all of it leading up to a “The Defenders” mini-series team-up event that will re-imagine “a dream team of self-sacrificing, heroic characters.”

A TV/Netflix version of The Avengers, if you will.

I’m disappointed that the Punisher didn’t get his own series, but I can understand why. They’ve already tried three movies, and the character just doesn’t seem to have the same kind of popularity he once did. Plus, a guy with a gun running around shooting people just isn’t as “fantastical” as a guy with radar senses, I guess. I’m definitely looking forward to that “Iron Fist” show, though. Scott Adkins, anyone?

This isn’t Netflix’s first foray into original programming. They’ve achieved some success with “House of Cards”, a show starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

Look for the Marvel invasion to begin on Netflix in 2015 — the same year as “The Avengers 2”. Hmm, coincidence?

Daredevil Comic Book Cover