Marvel Comes After Latino Review Over Guardians of the Galaxy Leak

Guardians of the Galaxy Comic BookI like the kids over at Latino Review. They do a lot of really good work, and I usually take their reporting with a healthy dose of respect unlike, say, other sites that seem to make up shit just for the traffic. That’s the problem with online “reporting”. You can get away with so much — just make anything up, and if you’re wrong, eh, no one will call you on it anyway. Blame a bad “source”. But more often than not, LR gets their stuff right, and in recent months, they’ve really got their ear on the Marvel grindstone.

Which may be why they’ve now become a target of Marvel Studios.

As you’ll recall, LR broke the news that Marvel was doing a “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie a whole week before Marvel made the news official at Comic Con. The studio was none too pleased with that, and according to THR, has now sic a “security consultant” (a man name Robert Grosser, Marvel’s “vp of Loss prevention”) to shake some trees. And of course by “trees” I mean Grosser in turned sent a totally generic form letter threatening to, essentially, ruin LR if they don’t give up their sources. He also goes on to call LR a “fanboy site” and condescend to their journalistic abilities. Ouch.

And oh, in the form letter, where they apparently just insert the name of the movie (or movies) they’re writing about, they don’t even have the decency to properly space it, so the letter itself looks shockingly amateurish. LR’s commenters speculated that LR is being punked by someone, but THR’s own reporting on this seems to confirm that this is very much the real thing. Yes, Marvel has so little respect for online fan sites, this is the full extent of effort they’re willing to put out to communicate with them. Double ouch.

I don’t know how big LR’s operation is, but the bigger sites can usually withstand these type of online bullying from the studios. Your Huffpo, Blastr, etc, will usually still have “leaks” (i.e. footage or images or stories) long after all the other smaller sites (like ours) were (ahem) “asked” to remove by the studios.

Stick to your guns, LR, and break more Marvel news! After this little tat (once THR picks up your story, you’re big time), Marvel must be feeling a little red in the cheeks. Talk about having your dirty laundry (or in this case, your inept attempt at cyber bullying) being exposed to the world.

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