Marvel Comics’ Captain America is Now a Black Guy

On the heels of turning Thor into a girl, Marvel Comics has decided to replace Steve Rogers as Captain America with Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon. Who is, er, black, in case you didn’t see the movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” or read the comic books.

Here’s ol Sam Wilson as the new Cap:

The Falcon is Captain America

I guess they couldn’t kill Captain America off a second time. Remember when they “killed” him the first time? Anyways. This time ’round, they just made him old by taking away his super soldier serum. For, oh, 2-3 years. Then he’ll be back in costume when the novelty wears off. Nothing in comic book land lasts past 2-3 years these days.

Obviously this is just another stunt to sell more comic books. Personally, with all the money they’re making off their movies, I don’t know why Marvel bothers to still make comics at all, or try so hard to gin up interest in said comics. This is the second major announcement they’ve made by going on TV talk shows. “The View” got the announcement about the female Thor, and some guy on cable TV got the news.

At this point, aren’t the only people reading comic books older people? I have a ton of nephews, and not a single one of them has ever picked up a comic, but they’ve all seen the Marvel movies. Just sayin’.

Sam Wilson takes over the mantle in a new “Captain America” #1 by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen.