Marvel Confirms that the Commandos will Howl in Captain America

Or, actually, CHUD confirms via Marvel’s bigwig Kevin Feige. Since the Howling Commandos were originally led by a white Nick Fury in World War II, it’s probably a good bet that there will be some changes for the movie version. After all, it wouldn’t really make sense for a black Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson to be leading a bunch of white guys (though I’m told there was one black character in the group) into action during the film’s era.

I don’t know all that much about the Howling Commandos, though it certainly feels like Feige and Marvel are planning on jamming as many World War II-era comic book characters and super groups into the movie as they can, perhaps as background characters. The Invaders, of course, will provide the film with its International flavor, though even their participation in the movie is a mystery.

“The First Avenger: Captain America” fights on the big screen in 2011, with Chris Evans slinging the shield. He best bulk up fast, because the Chris Evans I saw in “The Losers” could use a couple pounds of muscle, though he’s more than physical enough as is to do all the required jumping, leaping, and shield-slinging. Still, Captain America should look a tad more beefed up, something that should be rectified once Evans goes into training.

Joe Johnston will direct for Marvel.