Marvel Confirms They Have Wrestled Daredevil Away from the Evil Clutches of Fox

Daredevil Comic Book

Or Fox just decided to let the option for the character slide, having decided it’s no longer worth their time and money to develop, and it’s now gone back to Marvel where it belongs. Either/or.

The point is, Marvel chief Kevin Feige has officially confirmed to the press that the studio has, indeed, taken back all rights to The Man Without Fear. He wouldn’t say, of course, what he or the studio plans to do with the character, though if he would like to give me a call, I have a couple of ideas.

There’s no reason why a “Daredevil” TV show couldn’t work. It could essentially be a New York-set show, with the likes of the Punisher, Blade, and Moon Knight coming and going. Now that Marvel has rights to both Punisher and Blade back as well, there’s absolutely no reason to expand the “SHIELD” TV universe with more superhero characters. Introduce Daredevil, then give him his own show.

Imagine: a show where Daredevil is teaming up with the Punisher (or battling the Punisher, as is usually the case) one week and teaming up with Moon Knight the next. Then a guy shows up hunting vampires, who is also half-vampire. How cool would a show like that be?

Call me, Marvel!

Via : Newsarama