Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and Captain America 2 Crossover Discussion Thread


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Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” has stumbled along. It took a while to get going, but now it’s really got some traction. And after the events of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” everything has completely changed.


This won’t be an official write up of episode 17, “Turn, Turn, Turn.” Next week ABC is airing both episodes 17 and 18 back to back and I will do a write up then. This will allow anyone unfortunate enough to not make it to the theatres to see “Winter Soldier” to get their chance and catch up next week. Nice planning, Marvel. This is more of a place to let those who are eager to discuss the events of the film and the episode without spoiling it for others on something like “The Winter Soldier” review page.

So my fellow geeks, have at it! What did you think? I certainly didn’t see that betrayal happening. And my first though was, “He’s just playing along, and he’s on double agent duty.” But now I’m hoping I’m wrong, and that we get Triplett as a replacement. So as things move forward with the show what do you guys think/hope is coming? What would you like to see happen? Let the discussions begin. Oh, and Hail Hydra!!!

“Out of the Shadows” Featurette

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  • Lexavi80

    I have to say I might have seen that one coming. I mean, think about
    it. The only character that hasn’t been really fleshed out was Ward.
    Yeah, you can say the same about May, but there’s something about her
    that makes me thing “the cavalry is not sellout”.

    I’ve stated
    so many times that Ward’s the only agent that I can live without, so he
    needed to be dead… But Marvel knows better ;)

    So this is going
    to be very interesting. I might live without Ward, but I also have to
    admit that the kid can kick some serious ass. He proved it when working
    for Lorelay, and he did it again in episode 17.

    Stupid Fitz
    almost made me cry!!! The dude looked so helpless and confused and
    scared!!! Stupid Fitz!!! You might want to see another Ward vs May
    fist fight, or maybe a Ward vs Skye “this isn’t you” kind of thing, but I
    rather die to see a Ward vs Fitz “muscle vs wit” match any time of day.


    • Nix

      I thought the final shot of Ward gave it away that he WAS doing double duty? Hmm. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Hand cooked the whole thing up. Hand strikes me as the “go for broke” type.

      • Dedpool

        Yeah. But see then it kinda makes all this for nothing. And we already had the red herring with May. So I’m really hoping he’s a true Hydra agent and that Triplett, who I really like will replace. Need som color on the team anyway lol. Also I was very pissed Garret turned. Love me some Bill Paxton.

        • Nix

          I guess it’s not quite “Game over” for Bill Paxton yet. Looks like his character might be around for a while.

          • Dedpool

            As happy as I am for that, I was so hoping he’d be a good guy. Ah well, he plays smarmy pretty well. His Hail Hydra was perfect. Like “oh well.” lol

        • Juggernaut

          I called Garrett being the bad guy although I was suspicious of Coulson for a minute there. Overall a very good episode with some great twists and reveals. Hope we see some more Hydra characters pop up. I’m thinking that we’ll eventually get to see Brad Douriff (the not clairvoyant) show up in a larger capacity. Also we got a quick reference to a SHIELD facility in Africa! Hoping that leads to Black Panther!

          • Dedpool

            Nash is dead. They’ve made that pretty clear. Hell even with this episode and Ward saying he killed an innocent man. Was nice to see him, but he’s done sorry to say. And yeah I heard that and thought the same thing. But they aren’t near Wakanda cause you know they wouldn’t be having that.

          • Lexavi80

            Man, If they only mention Wakanda or T’Challa, I think I’ll doo-doo my pants.

    • Lexavi80

      You know, I also though “what a waste” when Brad Douriff was killed. I mean… WHAT A WASTE!!!

      Anyway, now that Nix mentions it, Ward and May were a very long time alone on the Bus prison cell. They might have planed something since they had no idea in who to trust?

      Bur I agree with Dedpool. Ward being actually a SHIELD mole in HYDRA undo a lot of cool stuff. Not to mention the fact that I think the character itself (Ward) would function way better as a villain. And I have to agree that I like Tripplet better. So keep it going.

      • Dedpool

        HIGH FIVE!!

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Am I the only one who was shocked at agent Sitwells deception and consequent death? I really liked him, discount Coulson.

    • TotesMagotes

      He was my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dedpool

        He was Coulson Light. So yeah I was upset. That was two people. I liked that they turned.

  • sin isfree

    hope they make ward truly a hydra, and then soon Dead. and replace him with a female that has true super power !!! … she Hulk maybe .

    • Dedpool

      AGENTS of SHIELD!!! Not Avengers lite. I’m all for the inclusion of a villain or even if at the end they make Deathlok an agent. But even then I don’t want him or any other super powered character becoming the focus of the show, its called Agents of SHIELD for a reason. The show should be about how they deal with and try to keep under wraps these beings, artifacts and such.