Marvel Has Offered Captain America to Chris Evans!

Well this is a shocker. Not that I don’t think Chris Evans would make a good Captain America, but that after the recent announcement that he was fronting the legal thriller “Punctured”, I just assumed it meant Evans had taken himself out of the running for the Star Spangled Avenger. Apparently that’s not the case, because THR is reporting that Marvel Studios has made an offer to Evans to play Captain America, aka Steve Rogers.

Evans, of course, is not new to superheroic tights, having played Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in the last two “Fantatic Four” movies (he was, bar none, the best thing about those two films, by the way), so he’s already familiar with the Marvel U. Of course, the Human Torch was a smart-alecky wiseass — basically, the polar opposite of Captain America, and one of the reasons why I didn’t think he might be “right” for the role. Without a doubt, Evans has gotten away with playing the sidekick-ish roles throughout his career (his upcoming “The Losers” is another good example), with the occasional leading man, but he’s never really had to play a role that’s anywhere close to the gravitas of a Captain America. Can he really make it work? I don’t know…

But if this is indeed true (THR hasn’t been able to get anyone to comment), it would mean Evans would have to extricate himself from the romantic comedy “What’s Your Number?” which, come on, is a no-brainer. Evans, despite all of his credits (and he’s been in a TON of movies), has never really become a household name. A role as Captain America would change all that, so what’s stopping him from jumping on the phone and saying “Yes!” immediately?

So, Chris Evans as Captain America. Thoughts?