Marvel is Looking for Directors to Direct Their Doctor Strange Movie


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So wait, does this mean Marvel really is making a Doctor Strange movie? It would appear so, because the trades are reporting that the studio currently has four names in mind to helm the Sorcerer Supreme’s second screen outing. (As you’ll recall, Stephen Strange previously made his debut in the 1978 TV movie “Dr. Strange” starring Peter Hooten.)

The people Marvel is currently eyeballing for the gig include Mark Andrews (Pixar’s “Brave”), Nikolaj Arcel (“A Royal Affair”); Dean Israelite (“Welcome to Yesterday”), and Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies”).

So who will get the gig? First of all, Marvel always goes as left-field as possible. So, looking at this list from that POV, who is the likely candidate? I…have no idea.

But hey, they’re definitely making “Doctor Strange” movie! So if you’ve been waiting to see the Sorcerer Supreme get that big-screen treatment he deserves, this is it.

Personally, I was hoping for a Blank Panther movie myself…

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  • mynameisren

    Any thoughts on which actor would be fit to play the lead?

    For me, Jim Caviezel and Matthew Goode were the first two to come to mind.

    • Juggernaut

      Both are solid choices. I was a big advocate for Caviezel until recently. He’s getting a bit too old to start a franchise I think. I also liked Rufus Sewell and Joseph Fiennes for the role. However, my number one pick now is Oscar Isaac. He isn’t too young to not be taken seriously but is still relatively young which makes him a good choice to head the new franchise. He also has a presence about him similar to Hemsworth, Evans and Pratt that would make him a good fit with the other more seasoned members of the MCU. Plus he is a hot commodity since starring in the best picture nominee Inside Llewyn Davis.

      • Dedpool

        Isaacs is a great choice. I still like Luke Evans though. But Isaacs is very good.

  • Lexavi80

    Black Panther movie. Good call.

    • Juggernaut

      I’d love a Black Panther movie! IMO he is the logical choice for a phase 3 character along with Ms. Marvel and Namor BP is one of the Avengers roster mainstays and deserves to be brought to the big screen. Aldis Hodge is my pick for T’Challa.

      • Dedpool

        I wouldn’t mind Hodge. I really like the guy. Panther will be a combo of Iron Man and Cap. I can’t wait.

        • Juggernaut

          Hodge jumped on my radar as a good fit for Black Panther a while back and then just last week I was watching The Walking dead as Michone’s lover and I was like ” whoa! Who’s this dude?! He’d make a great BP!” Then I looked up the episode on IMDB and it was him! Lol

  • Juggernaut

    I just read that Mads Millelsen is up for a role in the Doctor Strange movie! He’s be a great choice for Baron Mordo!

    • Dedpool

      YUP! He’s perfect.

      • Juggernaut

        I really hope that this rumor turns out to be true. He plays a terrific villain! I guess he could also be being considered for Strange but his accent is very strong. Guess well just have to wait sand see!


    uh, where did I put my old DR. STRANGE comics?

  • ultra q

    does anyone remember that old DR. STRANGE TV movie in 1978?

    • Dedpool

      Unfortunately yes. I’ve seen it! *Shudders*