Marvel is Plotting 4 New TV Shows and 1 Mini-Series for Cable and VOD

Marvel Comics LogoDamn. We all knew Marvel was ambitious and liked to look years ahead when it comes to their properties, but are they really planning 4 new TV shows and 1 mini-series?

It would appear so, at least according to Deadline.

Apparently flushed from their success on TV with ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD”, the studio that gave us “The Avengers” and “Captain America” and the like are preparing “a package of four drama series and a miniseries — a total of some 60 episodes — that would be taken out to the VOD and cable space”.

Some of the video-on-demand outlets being mentioned as potential homes for this 60-episode package include Netflix, Amazon and WGN America. By the use of the word “package”, I take that to mean ALL of the shows/mini-series will be given to just one outlet, and not spread out in, for example, 4 different networks. Which is actually not such a bad idea. One home for all their TV shows means the ability to cross-pollinate, something Marvel does oh so well.

And that’s about all anyone knows so far.

So, one of those TV shows has got to be previously announced “Agent Carter” TV series starring Hayley Atwell, right? Or maybe that might work better as a mini-series. I would actually prefer a mini-series. That way they could jack up the budget instead of having to save it for a whole season.

Who else would you guys like to see from the Marvel universe battling it out in their own TV Show? The Punisher? Iron Fist? Hero For Hire?

Marvel Comic Book Universe Characters

Don’t fight, boys, you’ll all get your own shows — eventually!