Marvel Looking at Possible TV Shows for Hulk, The Punisher, and Cloak and Dagger


Word from Heat Vision has Marvel and ABC putting their brains together and coming up with a couple of possible TV shows based on characters from Marvel’s catalog, with the most prominent being another TV show based on the Hulk, and a more family-friendly version of “Cloak and Dagger” (above), which is currently being eyed as a possible ABC Family show. (Yeah, I have no idea how that’s going to work, either, but that’s the plan.)

Besides those two properties, the Punisher is once again being looked on as a possible TV series. But he’s just one of many.

Here’s the full list of characters that the studio recently presented to the suits as possible TV series candidates:

• Heroes for Hire
• The Eternals
• Agents of Atlas (below)
• Alter Ego
• Moon Knight
• The Red Hood
• Ka-Zar
• Daughters of the Dragon

As mentioned, the top candidates right now seems to be yet another Hulk TV show, and Cloak and Dagger over at ABC Family. The Punisher, meanwhile, is being looked at as a possible cable TV show, though Heat Vision says that’s a bit further away from happening.

Comic book guy Jeph Loeb is currently in charge of bringing Marvel’s characters to the small screen for the studio, with a showrunner currently being sought for the “Hulk” series.

Author: Nix

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  • ULIK

    Heroes For Hire needs to big a big budget movie FIRST and foremost then maybe a spin-off with other “Heroes for Hire” featuring characters/allies and cameos. The Hulk on tv again…Nah, I’d say a “She-Hulk” TV show would be a way better move for right now. I agree The Punisher & “MoonKnight are 100% suitable for adult cable series ala “The Sopranos”,”The Wire”,and “Dexter” style. Cloak & Dagger, two teens who gained super-powers from drugs hmmm I don’t know about that one, I’d animate Cloak & Dagger first. All of the rest are good ideas for live action T.V. also except the Eternals. The Eternals should be a 3D animated movie as well as “Guardians of The Galaxy”,”The Micronaughts” and “ROM The SpaceKnight”. As far as an all out comical cartoon series, “Groo, The Wanderer” IS DUE FOR A CARTOON SERIES followed by a live action movie,starring Jack Black as Groo.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    I think “Heroes for Hire would make a great show. Personally I’d make sure it had the right infusion of action”, and wit. It can’t be too capmy, but it shouldn’t be overly serious either. “Daughters of the Dragon” would fit in that same vein, though that one I’d probably make more serious.” I’d have them on the same channel so there could be cross overs like Law and Order and Cold Case or the CSI’s. I’d love to see “H4H” as a big budget flick, but if anything I thinik it’d work better as a show for character development as I think the personalities and the characters really make the stories work. “Cloak & Dagger” would easily work. Especially with shows like “Vampire DIaries” and the “Twilight” films out. This fits into that set very well. A huge special effects budget isn’t necessary for any of these shows. “Punisher” and “Moon Knight” would definitely fit the adult late night cable network set as ULIK said. Again character developmetn through a series would help the characters be less onde dimensional and things could be drawn out more. I think you mean “The Hood” not “The Red Hood” and that would also work in that adult cable world. A criminal who comes across a mystical cloak that he uses to take over the underworld. Yeah I’m seeing that on Starz, HBO, or SHowtime. Ka-Zar would work as a “Hercules,” “Xena,” “Legend of the Seeker” type show. The Hulk…I’m with ULIK, do a She Hulk show instead, one part LAw and Order one part Superhero show. Agents of Atlas I can see them taking too many liberties with if they make it a show, and Eternals should definitely be an animated show. I’m thinking they get some Anime studio and do it up with crazy kinetic action scenes and the like.

  • ULIK

    Great post Dedpool! Yes I can totally see “Ka-Zar and “The Savage Land” as a mix of a “Jerassic Park” meets “Lost”/ “Xena”/ “Legend of The Seeker” type of show. I’d make it as though the Savage Land exists on earth but on a parallel dimension with a rift that opens every so often like the Bermuda Triangle. All kinds of weirdness could already be there and other random characters,aliens,creatures,humans could end up there on that island. This could truly be an incredible show!

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      Exactly what I was thinking. The “Jurrassic Park” meets “Lost” analogy is perfect.

  • Zabelzerolp

    Finally they are thinking. The Punisher would be badass if it was unrated.But thats not gonna happen. This will give me another reason to start wacthing cable.

  • Zabelzerolp

    Finally they are thinking. The Punisher would be badass if it was unrated.But thats not gonna happen. This will give me another reason to start wacthing cable.