Marvel Looking at Possible TV Shows for Hulk, The Punisher, and Cloak and Dagger

Word from Heat Vision has Marvel and ABC putting their brains together and coming up with a couple of possible TV shows based on characters from Marvel’s catalog, with the most prominent being another TV show based on the Hulk, and a more family-friendly version of “Cloak and Dagger” (above), which is currently being eyed as a possible ABC Family show. (Yeah, I have no idea how that’s going to work, either, but that’s the plan.)

Besides those two properties, the Punisher is once again being looked on as a possible TV series. But he’s just one of many.

Here’s the full list of characters that the studio recently presented to the suits as possible TV series candidates:

• Heroes for Hire
• The Eternals
• Agents of Atlas (below)
• Alter Ego
• Moon Knight
• The Red Hood
• Ka-Zar
• Daughters of the Dragon

As mentioned, the top candidates right now seems to be yet another Hulk TV show, and Cloak and Dagger over at ABC Family. The Punisher, meanwhile, is being looked at as a possible cable TV show, though Heat Vision says that’s a bit further away from happening.

Comic book guy Jeph Loeb is currently in charge of bringing Marvel’s characters to the small screen for the studio, with a showrunner currently being sought for the “Hulk” series.