Marvel Makes it Official: Patty Jenkins Will Direct Thor 2


Marvel Studios has made it official: “Monster” director Patty Jenkins will take over directing duties from Kenneth Branagh on the “Thor” sequel, which is currently set to whip up a storm in theaters on November 15, 2013. That gives the God of Thunder plenty of time to fight his evil step brother Loki in Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers”, which will bow a year earlier than “Thor 2″.

Jenkins, who has directed episodes of TV’s “The Killing”, “Arrested Development”, and “Entourage”, is most famous for directing the 2003 serial killer movie “Monster”, which won a slew of hardware for Charlize Theron. “Thor 2″ would be only her second feature film.

Chris Hemworth is expected back as Thor, the God of Thunder. Now all they have to do is settle on a plot and write the script…

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    I’m beginning to worry about Marvel. First Whedon now Jenkins. Both have only directed one movie previously. While I’m sure that they are capable I feel a bit underwhelmed. Similar to when Marvel properties were being handled by people like Johnathan Hensleigh, Rob Bowman, Tim Story and Mark Steven johnson. All of their efforts left a bit to be desired. Then came the “Golden Age” with Jon Favreau, Louis Letterier, Kenneth Brannaugh, Joe Johnston. Each of them were well suited for the characters that they were adapting. Even Mathew Vaughn and Marc Webb were great picks for First Class and Spidey in my opinion. Now we have Whedon who, while apt at conveying sci-fi and action genre, still has to prove that he can handle the task of not only delivering a blockbuster the magnitude of The Avengers but also needs to leap the hurdle of not handling something created by himself. Where as Jenkins is in an even tighter spot. She made Monster,which was a very good film but is nowhere even close to the level of action and gravitas that is needed to pull off a Thor film. She has some very skilled and respected shoes to fill indeed. Hopefully the two of them will overcome these adversities and bring us more Marvel merriment!

  • Anonymous

    Juggernaut, Jon Favreau’s past also did not indicate he would be a great fit for a big budget superhero action franchise film. But he did well with Iron Man. Branagh also seemed like an odd choice and Bryan Singer was way out of left field.

    I understand your point and to a limited extent share your concerns, but the decision makers at Marvel obviously see something in Jenkins they think can work well for Thor. However it turns out I prefer Marvel going with someone whose emphasis on character and story rather someone like Michael Bay.