Marvel Prepping an Animated Big Hero 6 Movie

Big Hero 6 Comic Book CoverWith their wealth of characters, it’s always struck me as rather odd (or at least, a very big missed opportunity) that Marvel doesn’t do enough in terms of original animated movies. There’s really nothing to stop them from exploiting the direct-to-DVD animated market the way D.C. is doing in their partnership with Warner Bros. Sure, D.C. tends to get fixated on Batman and Superman, but you really can’t fault them for going back to the well so often, given that Bats and Supes continue to sell. I would imagine they’ll stop double/triple/quadruple dipping only when those two guys stop producing.

After giving the direct-to-DVD animated platform a go in 2006 with two “Ultimate Avengers” movie, then following that up with “Planet Hulk” in 2010, Marvel is jumping back into the animated game with a “Big Hero 6” movie.

Wait. “Big Hero 6”? Who the hell is “Big Hero 6”?

Well, you could ask the same thing about the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which Marvel is now confirmed to be prepping for 2014. I’m pretty sure 99% of the moviegoing public have no idea who the Guardians are, either, and will be even less knowledgeable about “Big Hero 6”. Which would make it, what, 99.9999% who have never heard of the comics? Close enough.

Apparently “Big Hero 6” is a group of “powerful individuals with wildly different histories and powers, united by the Japanese government as a crisis-fighting super-squad.” Basically the Avengers — but Japanese. The roster currently includes: familiar X-Men characters Sunfire and Silver Samurai, along with Honey Lemon, something called Go-Go Tomago, and Hiro, a 13-year old boy genius and his robot pet dragon, Baymax.

There are no confirmations that this is something Marvel is partnering up with Disney Animated to renew their direct-to-DVD efforts with, but it sounds like a pretty solid bet. It actually makes more sense than you would think. The studio has been doing a slew of ongoing animated TV shows aimed almost exclusively at the Japanese market. Iron Man, Wolverine, and the X-Men have all been relaunched in recent years with a decidedly Japanese tint. Why not go all-in with an all-Japanese superhero line-up?

As with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie announcement, expect a “Big Hero 6” official announcement to come during Marvel’s stint at Comic Con next month. I wonder how the studio is feeling right now about all their big announcements getting leaked weeks ahead of time? You got some mighty big leakages there, Marvel. Best start doing some plugging…

Big Hero 6 Comic Book

Via : EW