Marvel Reveals Thor and Captain America Details

Speaking of Marvel… Apparently when Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, sent out invitations to online bloggers for a meet and greet, he forgot to send mine out. That’s okay, Kevin, next time, my man. In any case, Feige took questions and dished out answers about Marvel’s two high-profile movies coming up very soon — the Captain America movie and Thor. First up — No, says Feige, Matthew McConaughey is NOT in line to play Captain America as previously rumored. And the real biggie: Captain America will be set in World War II, and Thor will be set “mostly” in Asgard.

Sci Fi Wire has more “Thor” details and other Marvel news:

Feige also talked about the upcoming Thor movie, confirming that it will take place mostly in Asgard, the mythical Norse realm of the gods, and not in the contemporary real world. “The film is not all Asgard, but it will be a big chunk in Asgard, yeah,” Feige said.

Feige promised an announcement about a director for Thor “later this summer.” Mark Protosevich (The Cell) is drafting a script, which should be submitted in a couple of weeks, he added.

As for a second Iron Man movie, Feige said that talks are underway with director Jon Favreau to return and that he hopes to wrap them up soon.

Other notables:

“Captain America” will pave the way for the “Avengers” movie, which will open 6 weeks after Cap’s movie. Also, that rumor about Captain America’s shield being spotted in Tony Stark’s lab in “Iron Man”? True, says Feige.

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