Marvel Studios and Lionsgate Strikes Deal with WGA

Maybe the WGA knows what it’s doing after all. After failing to get producers in Hollywood to agree to a deal, and indeed, they’re still “talking” behind the scenes, the WGA has instead adopted a “divide and conquer” strategy, striking their own interim deals with smaller movie studios and producers to get writers back to work and projects moving forward again after weeks of nothing happening.

The latest signees to a WGA interim deal are Marvel Studios and Lionsgate (via). The Weinstein Company had already signed on days ago.

This means it’s back to the Final Draft writing software for writers on Marvel’s “Captain America,” “Thor,” “Ant-Man” and “The Avengers” movies.

For Lionsgate, it’s all about getting TV shows like Weeds and Mad Men back into production.

Of course, this still leaves the giant TV networks and movie studios, and let’s face it, they make up the bulk of TV and film productions. Until those guys decide to actually make a deal with the WGA, the strike itself will never be resolved.

Oh well, at least I can sleep better tonight knowing that somewhere, someone is writing the “Avengers” movie…

Update: RKO Pictures has signed their own deal with the WGA.