Marvel Studios’ First TV Show Will be … AKA Jessica Jones?

Marvel’s got Guillermo Del Toro working on a new “Hulk” series for TV as part of their master plan to dominate the TV airwaves with their catalog of superheroes, so of course they’ll be trying to get that out onto the airwaves first. Right? Um, probably not. Variety is reporting that “Twilight” scribe Melissa Rosenberg is working on adapting another Marvel superhero property that you’ve probably never heard of called “AKA Jessica Jones”, and that the development is far enough along that it will probably end up as Marvel’s first show on TV, this one on ABC.

The comic book was created by Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos back in 2001, and was originally called “Alias”. Obviously that title is a non-starter, now that the show has landed at ABC. (Remember that Jennifer Garner spy show from that J.J. Abrams guy of the same name on the same network not all that long ago?)

So what exactly is “AKA Jessica Jones”? Here’s a little background on the character:

Part of Marvel’s Max line of more mature comicbook titles, the character is a superhero (“Jewel”) who winds up with post-traumatic stress disorder and gets out of that biz.

Jessica, now in her early 30s, decides to keep far away from others gifted with superpowers and to open her own detective agency. But once she settles down, she realizes she still has a drive to help people — and finds herself assisting other superheroes.

Rosenberg will write and produce the show, with original co-creator Bendis coming onboard as a “consultant”, whatever that means.