Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Comic-Con Trailer

You don’t have to be a total comic book geek to appreciate the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, but it sure helps. Lots. The fact that three of your buddies can play the game with you at the same time using different characters just makes it all that much more fun. The latest is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, which incorporates Marvel’s recent Civil War mega crossover storyline, though I’m sure that won’t be much of an issue as you run around as Deadpool shooting everyone to death with your never-ending supply of bullets.

More on the game’s storyline via Wikipedia:

The game will then follow the Civil War story arc: a fight between heroes and villains causes an explosion in Stamford, Connecticut. Killing 600 civilians (including a number of school children), the government labels this “Super Powered Negligence”, and the public demand a Superhuman Registration Act. The government passes the act, and all meta-humans are forced to adhere to or disobey the law. In the game, players are able to choose between the Pro-Registration side headed by Iron Man and Mister Fantastic with Songbird following them, or the Anti-Registration side, lead by Captain America and Luke Cage with Iron Fist working with them. These heroes are locked into their specific side, but the other characters are playable on either side of the conflict. Multiple endings are available, and are determined by the side chosen at the beginning of the game.

You’ll have 24 playable characters to choose from, plus extra characters that will be available specifically to various console systems. Word is, more characters will be released as exclusive downloadable content, or as the kids call them, DLC.

The game hits stores September 15, 2009.

Via GameTrailers.