Marvel Zombies: The Animated Movie?

You know, maybe it’s the geek in me, but the idea of a “Marvel Zombies” movie fills me with all kinds of glee. I loved the comics, especially the first series; the second series is okay, but not great. In any case, word from Shock Til You Drop is that Marvel is now considering an animated “Marvel Zombies” movie.


We’ve heard through the grapevine a “Marvel Zombies” direct-to-DVD feature is in development. Unfortunately, we don’t have a status of where the film is at or have a release date.

“Marvel Zombies” began as a comic book mini-series and featured “zombified” versions of pretty much all of your favorite superheroes. Set in an alternate universe (natch), the series most recently introduced Ash (from the “Evil Dead” franchise) to do battle with the likes of undead Wolverine, Spidey, et al.

It could be that this fan-made trailer for a live-action “Marvel Zombies” movie got Marvel interested.

The only qualms I might have with an animated “Marvel Zombies” movie is the rating; Marvel’s other animated films have all been PG-rated, and the “Zombies” one, if done right, would have to be a “R”, or at the very least, a “PG-13”. I’m not sure Marvel would be willing to do that, so the idea of a “Marvel Zombies”, even an animated one, just doesn’t sound all that plausible to me.

I hope I’m wrong…

Look whose coming to dinner. Er, for dinner. What?

Look whose coming to dinner. Er, for dinner. What?