Marvel Zombies: The Movie Fan Trailer

“Marvel Zombies: The Movie”? Well, no. It’s a fan-made trailer for the Marvel comics “Marvel Zombies”, which is currently in its second limited series. For you non-comic readers, “Marvel Zombies” is basically one of those “what if” tales, where the heroes of the Marvel Universe gets turned into zombies. It’s pretty easy to outrun slow-moving zombies, but what if they had superpowers?

The first series had the Marvel Zombies eating off Earth, before heading into outer space thanks to the power of the Silver Surfer and Galactus (which they, of course, ate). The second limited series, still ongoing, has the zombies headed back to Earth after having pretty much ate everything in the known universe.

Check out the cool fan-made trailer for a “Marvel Zombies” movie. And stay tune to the end for a glimpse of a Captain America zombie.