Cool Fanmade Posters for Marvel’s 2011 Movies, Plus the Many Faces of Gump

I always appreciate guys like Dave Williams who can take an existing product and make it cooler. Dave, a graphic designer by trade, spends his free time on posters like these re-interpretations of Marvel’s recent slate of 2011 movies — “Thor”, “Captain America”, and “X-Men: First Class”. Anyone interested in purchasing the below prints can head over to Dave’s site here. He also has plenty of other re-interpretations to look at, including a groovy series for the “Back to the Future” movie franchise.

X-Men First Class Movie Poster by Dave WilliamsCaptain America Movie Poster by Dave Williams

Thor Movie Poster by Dave Williams

And hey, Forrest Gump fans, this one’s for you (click to enlarge the poster below to get the full Gump experience):

Forrest Gump Movie Poster by Dave Williams