Marvel’s Doctor Strange Movie Gets Writers

So it looks like Marvel really is serious about making a live-action “Doctor Strange” movie, if this report that the studio has hired writers to take a crack at the script is any indication. The writers in question are Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, the same pair who recently penned the “Conan” remake, and before that, “A Sound of Thunder”, “Sahara”, and a little known 2003 movie called “Thought Crimes” that I thought was pretty aces, starring a then unknown Joe Flanigan before he joined up with “Stargate: Atlantis”.

Anyways, the last time the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe made it off the comic book pages was in 1978 with the hilariously awful TV movie “Dr. Strange”. He recently fronted his own direct-to-DVD animated movie called “Doctor Strange” in 2007, but a big-screen live-action version with all the bells and whistles has been in development for a while now without much success. With Marvel calling the shots, it looks like this is the best chance the good Doctor will ever get to finally casting a spell on the big screen. has the film listed as a 2012 production, which seems highly optimistic given the film’s long and less than spectacular track record.