Marvel’s Rogue and She-Hulk Get Their Own Romance Novels (No, Really)

The She-Hulk Diaries Book CoverRogue Touch Book Cover

I don’t blame you if you think this is some kind of April Fools joke. While reading this THR article, I had to glance at my wall calender twice just to be sure. But nope, it’s still February, with April still two months away, so this thing is actually real. No, really.

Marvel expanding into novels is nothing new. I distinctly remember plenty of Marvel characters that have had their adventures been continued in prose form. But novels that are actively in the “action adventure/romance” vein starring its female characters? That’s new.

Marvel has teamed up with fellow Disney-owned book publisher Hyperion to launch a series of books that would chronicle the lives of its female superheroes, with She-Hulk and Rogue up first.

She-Hulk will get “The She-Hulk Diaries”, which will focus on Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk), who is “trying to balance climbing the corporate ladder during the day with battling super villains at night ‘all while trying to navigate the dating world to find a Mr. Right who might not mind a sometimes very big and green girlfriend.'”

(No, seriously.)

Rogue’s book, “Rogue Touch”, sounds more like one of those gazillion Young Adult books that are everywhere these days. The book would follow the X-Men character as she runs away from home after accidentally putting her boyfriend in a coma. She then meets “the handsome and otherwordly Jame and sparks fly”, and finds herself “caught between her superpowers and “the only man alive who seems to truly understand her.”

Sound good to you? Both novels are coming out in June of this year, but I bet you could start lining up at your local comic book shop right now.