Marvel’s Runaways Movie Set to Start Running in 2011, Title Change?

That’s according to Production Weekly, who tweeted a March 2011 start date for the film in Los Angeles.

PW have, in paranthesis, “aka “Small Faces” next to the title, which makes me wonder if that means the film is changing its title. Which would make sense, since “The Runaways” was already a 2010 movie starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. You remember, the one about the chick rock band that no one saw? Yeah, that one.

In any case, there was also this casting notice for “Runaways” aka “Small Faces”. Wanna get into acting, kids?

Peter Sollett of “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” fame got the directing gig back in April, and “No Heroics” creator Drew Pearce was tapped to pen the screenplay back in May. Which means everything is set for Marvel except, well, the cast. Which works out well, because a March 2011 start date is still a ways off.

“Runaways” (no “The” in the title), was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona and chronicles the adventures of a group of teenagers who one day realizes that their parents are actually really, really bad supervillains. Like, they abduct teens of the streets and sacrifices them to evil God-like creatures bad. The teens rebel by running away, before deciding to fight back against their parents using their powers, or in some cases, futuristic tech and in the case of one teen, a dinosaur. For a teen superhero book, the early story arcs of the comic were pretty moody and in some cases, tragic.

The comic book also takes place in the ongoing Marvel Universe, and the teens have actually crossed over with some of Marvel’s more mainstream characters, including Spiderman, Captain America, and Wolverine, so it’ll be interesting to see if Marvel conforms “Runaways” to their other movie properties like “The Avengers”, “Hulk”, etc.

A panel from the comic’s early issues. Click to enlarge.