Marvel’s The Avengers (and Related) News Roundup

Director Joss Whedon and Samuel L. Jackson on the set of The Avengers (2012) Movie Image

Lots of “Avengers” stuff going around this week, which you would expect, given that the movie has made a few gatrillion dollars or such at the worldwide box office. So, instead of making individual posts for all of them, I thought I’d lump them all into one huge post.

Up first …

Joss Whedon isn’t sure if he’ll direct the “Avengers” sequel. He tells Hero Complex:

You know, I’m very torn. It’s an enormous amount of work telling what is ultimately somebody else’s story, even though I feel like I did get to put myself into it. But at the same time, I have a bunch of ideas, and they all seem really cool.

Of course, Whedon said this before the movie opened. The fact that “The Avengers” is now heading into James Cameron territory in terms of box office might change his mind a tad there…

Speaking of buckaroos, Robert Downey Jr., who plays Tony Stark/Iron Man in the superhero team-up, is making some nice decent change off the film.

THR reports that the actor will eventually make around $50 million once all the profits from the movie roll in and all the pennies are counted. Not bad for a studio that is notoriously cheap. Or, ahem, frugal. Remember when they tried to lowball Samuel L. Jackson? And fired Terrence Howard and replaced him with a cheaper Don Cheadle?

Downey Jr. is the only actor from the movie to get such a big slice of the pie, thanks to some shrewd deal-making by his agents after the success of the first “Iron Man” film. When it comes to the Marvel movie universe, the characters are usually more valuable than the actors (see the “Hulk” movies and its round-table of lead actors), but let’s face it, RDJ is Iron Man. I guess even Marvel has come to realize that.

AKA Jessica Jones Comic BookWe previously reported that ABC is still keen on making a new “Hulk” TV show with producer Guillermo Del Toro, but what about that “AKA Jessica Jones” TV show?

Turns out, that one’s dead.

The Wrap says the network has officially passed on the show. Which means … well, that’s all she wrote.

Sorry, Jess.

Everyone loves “The Avengers”. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. It’s a global phenomenon, doncha know.

Jon FavreauJon Favreau, who at one point was a candidate to direct “The Avengers”, took time out from doing his non-Marvel movies to let people know how he feels about “The Avengers'” success, and surprisingly, tells us that he’s still pretty involved with Iron Man’s movie adventures, even if he isn’t directing the third one.

He tells THR:

First and foremost, Joss, to be able to pull together — four different characters based on four different sets of films that shared a lot tonally and they shared some cast-wise, but he had to pull all those things together and make it work, it’s a very high degree of difficulty for him. But we had done a lot of setup in Iron Man 2 and even in Iron Man 1, we were hoping that it would come to this. I don’t think it became a reality until the last few years, but we were definitely planning for it. But it took a lot of people to pass the baton well, and each director who had been involved with the franchises did their part, but it took Joss to really seal the deal, and clearly it worked out, because the moment seems to continue going.

On “Iron Man 3”:

I was just talking to Shane Black and Downey and look, I think it’s a really smart way to go. After Avengers, you want to start with something really bold and inspired, and if you’ve ever seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, you’ve seen that when Downey and Shane get together, interesting and unexpected things happen. I’m happy to see that it’s taking a bit of a tonal shift from The Avengers and it’s going to be something completely different and exciting, and I’m happy to be a part of it. Shane and Robert definitely have an original point of view and an original take on the character, and I think it delves deeper into what makes Tony Stark tick and plays on the unexpected original unpredictable quality of the character that I think fans gravitate to.

Interesting. I thought he had left the franchise completely, but it sounds like he’s still onboard, just not in the thick of things.

And finally, did you ever wonder how exactly all the Marvel movies fit into each other in terms of cinematic timeline? Here’s a helpful infographic (click to enlarge):

Marvel Movie Universe Infographic