Marvin the Martian: Meet Mike Myers

A Marvin the Martian movie sounds like a good idea, probably. There is no cartoon character more underrated. Unfortunately, the film will also following the recent trend of CG character in a live action world, which might work for some movies in which humans exist, but Marvin also exists in his own fictionalized, cartoon universe, so it will stray far from its original roots.

The crew doesn’t fill one with much hope, either. The LA Times reports that Alex Zamm has signed on as the director, and he has to his credit films such as Inspector Gadget 2 and Dr. Doolittle: Million Dollar Mutts (a franchise so bad that even Eddie Murphy has vacated it). The writers are Paul Kaplan and Mark Torgove, who have both worked on Spin City and George Lopez. Their upcoming writing project is a CHiPS remake. Supposedly Mike Myers could be approach to play the martian, but nothing has been announced. Legendary voice actor Mel Blanc originally played Marvin and gave him a stuffy voice, but his voice has also changed with additional actors, so it’s difficult to imagine where Myers would fit into this context.

There is no word whether Bill Pullman will play a president who gives a rousing speech against the martian threat at the end.

The LA Times describes the plot like this: “Marvin comes to Earth to try to destroy Christmas, but his plans are foiled when he gets trapped inside a gift box.” I guess it wasn’t good enough that he tried to destroy the Earth, since they had to position this as a Christmas film. In anticipation of that, Marvin the Martian is receiving a Christmas 2011 release date. It’s too bad that this won’t have a 2012 release because then Warner Bros. could do a viral promotion about the end of the world.