Mary Jane In, Morbius Out of Spidey 4, Says Producer

Those hoping to see Spider-Man battling the living vampire in his latest outing (his fourth, in case you’re not keeping track) should stop hoping right now. Or so says Spider-Man producer Todd Black, who tells the New York Post that Morbius will not be the latest sequel’s villain, and instead the villain will be very tied in with the city of New York. Hmm, who could that be? Also, Black all but confirms that Kristen Dunst will return as Mary Jane despite lots of rumors (and dare I say it, hope?) to the contrary.

More bullet points from the NYP straight from Black’s mouth:

– Besides no Morbius, forget a wedding between MJ and Peter.

– The villain has not been decided yet, but according to Black, he will be “a big part of New York.” (Emphasis mine.)

So, the villain will be very New York, and will be big? Obviously he’s either hinting at the Kingpin, or it’s all just one big coincidence. The NYP also suggests that it could be Kraven the Hunter, but there’s no ties to New York there.

Sam Raimi returns to direct “Spider-Man 4”, which is expected to commence shooting early next year.

Below: When it comes to eyeliner, the Kingpin could use some practice.