Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as Bond Girls?

Heh. This is funny. Well, actually, I don’t know if I should laugh, snicker, or grin at this rumor via Janet Charlton that the Olsen Twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, are being pursued by one of the Bond movies’ producers to co-star alongside Daniel Craig in the next Bond movie (set to shoot in 2008 with Goran Visnjic as the baddie). In order to make the roles more appealing for the girls, the producer is saying the roles won’t include nudity or sex scenes, which sort of betrays the whole purpose of being a “Bond girl”, right?

Frankly, I call bullshit on this rumor. I don’t see the Olsen twins doing it, and I don’t see any sane producers putting them in the movie. What the hell are the Olsen twins going to do in a R-rated Bond movie? Exactly.

Mind you, I have nothing against the Olsen twins, but, come on, right?