Matt Reeves: Cloverfield Monster was a Baby Monster!

If you thought all the “Cloverfield” hype was over, you’re dead wrong! Well, you’re mostly right, but there are questions that still looms, such as: Where did the monster come from? Did it come from outer space? And just why is it so gosh-darn pissed off at New York City? Well Matt Reeves, in an interview with Den of Geek, has your answers.

In short, Reeves says that the monster in “Cloverfield” was a baby monster, and it just woke up!

So the secret that we had was that the monster was a baby. Having just been born it was going through separation anxiety and had no idea where its mother was and was freaking out and was in a completely foreign place, didn’t understand a thing and that that would be sending it into a kind of infantile rage. Which was very frightening, but the thing that was also frightening to me was the idea that not only was it going through an infantile rage but, because it was suffering from this separation anxiety, it was spooked. It was really afraid. And as the military started shooting at it, I started thinking, like if you were attacked by a swarm of bees for the first time, it wouldn’t necessarily kill you but you’d be terrified, you’d be like, “What are these things doing?!” And for me there’s nothing scarier than thinking of something that big that’s spooked. Like if you’re at the circus and suddenly the elephants are spooked, you don’t want to be anywhere near that, you’ll be crushed. And so that just became a way to again find an approach to giving an emotional or a grounded point of view to something that was completely outrageous. I mean a giant monster is absurd, but you have to find a way to make it real. And part of it was the stuff that Neville was doing, and then the secret that it was a baby. When we were talking about that I said, “Well, can’t we communicate something in the eyes?” So he started showing us like the look that horses have when they have that spooked look, and all of that was to convey that kind of feeling. So those are sort of the sources of it. We also really loved the idea that the creature in contrast to other creatures you might have seen was sort of a pale, white and again because it’s a baby, it’s just been born and it has this ugly translucence to its skin.

Read the rest of this massive interview for yourself here.

And in case you forgot what the “Cloverfield” monster looked like:

Cloverfield Monster