Matt Reeves is Directing J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield

According to the blokes over at AICN, former “Felicty” writer/director Matt Reeves is the man chosen by J.J. Abrams to direct “Cloverfield”. Well, maybe “chosen” isn’t the right word. The entire concept and movie and just about everything concerning “Cloverfield” (it’s codename and NOT the title of the movie, apparently) has been so hush-hush that not a whole lot, if anything is known about the movie. Even the trailer for the movie that is attached to “Transformers” doesn’t have a title. Of course, whoever thought up this genius publicity campaign deserves a raise. He/she/they have created an intense buzz on the Internet EVEN BEFORE the movie has been announced, or a title given to it! “Snakes on a Plane” part 2, anyone?

But hey, let’s not go nuts here. There’s still not a whole lot known about “Cloverfield” (I’m going to recommend the title, “Big Monster Eats City” myself), except that according to AICN Matt Reeves is directing it. Which is weird. I say “weird” because according to Yahoo! Movies, “Cloverfield” also lists Reeves as the director (and Abrams as producer), but it calls the film a “Comedy and Drama” which, obviously, it’s not, according to the teaser description (here).

Granted, no one should go by what Yahoo! Movie says, but still…

In any case, here’s the news from AICN’s scooper:

CLOVERFIELD, the hush hush sci-fi flick, is being directed by Matt Reeves. Matt Reeves, if you recall was creator of Felicity and screenwriter of such films as The Yards and Under Siege 2. One of the producers on this flick is Bryan Burk, a producer on LOST and Abrams’ upcoming STAR TREK film.

So who is Matt Reeves? He wrote and directed the David Schwimmer comedy “The Pallbearer”, but he also wrote the Steven Seagal actioner “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” and the gangster drama “The Yards”, so it’s not like this guy has been stuck in comedy hell. Plus, he’s directed episodes of “Homicide: Life on the Streets”, so he obviously knows grit.

Basically, the more I hear about “Cloverfield”, the more intrigue I am. So I’ll say again: whoever came up with this marketing scheme? GENIUS.

(Pictured below: Abrams is in the front and I think Matt Reeves is the dude in the background.)

Matt Reeves is Directing J.J. Abrams