Matthew Fox and Ed Harris Won’t Fight World War Z After All

Matthew Fox and Ed Harris were supposed to fight the World War Z alongside Brad Pitt, but they have apparently, well, un-enlisted.

Vulture reports that both actors won’t be in the movie after all. For Fox, it was a matter of scheduling conflicts, as he’s also scheduled to play a much bigger role as the lead baddie in “I, Alex Cross” with Tyler Perry standing in for Morgan Freeman as a younger version of the James Patterson police serial killer specialist.

As for Harris, it’s less clear why his deal for the movie never came through.

Directed by “Quantum of Solace’s” Marc Forster, “World War Z” is set ten years after the human victory over the world wide Zombie epidemic, referred to as World War Z, and stars Brad Pitt as Max Brooks (also the name of the book’s writer), a U.N. researcher who scours the world collecting stories and experiences from survivors of the war.

Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, and Anthony Mackie are also in the cast.