Matthew Goode in Talks for Stoker


Add another name to director Park Chan-wook’s next, “Stoker”. Actor Matthew Goode who is likely known for his roles in such film “Leap Year” and “Watchmen” has just signed up for the lead male role in Chan-Wook’s film. If you remember back in January, and well, probably no one does so that’s why I’m bringing it up again, Mia Wasikowska (I have no idea how to pronounce that by the way) landed the lead role with Nicole Kidman also on board for the film.

The film follows a teenage girl who, while mourning the death of her father, must deal with the unexpected appearance of a mysterious uncle (Goode). Dun, dun, duuuuun!!

Goode must be a damn good actor because he beat out several actors for the part including Colin Firth, James Franco, Michael Fassbender and Joel Edgerton.

Tony and Ridley Scott are producing through their Scott Free banner along with Michael Costigan. And get this: Former “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller penned the script under the pseudonym Ted Foulke. Who knew he’d been up to something these days?


Author: Jessica

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  • Lexavi80

    Colin Firth, James Franco, and the recent shining star, Michael Fassbender must be too expensive.

    Goode is a good actor with a lot of charisma, but his status still doesn’t make him earn a big check, so I guess that’s why he was chosen.

  • Carlysam30

    @lexavi80 i disagree with yhu, good is picked because he was better than the rest, it get nothing to do with money, get yhur fact straight !