Matthew Goode is Ozymandias in Watchmen

Zack Snyder’s cast for “Watchmen” continues to grow, and as it’s become increasingly clear now, all those names you heard more than a month ago? I think it’s safe to say that they’ve all, well, NOT panned out. The latest addition to the cast, at least according to IESB, is Matthew Goode as Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, the smartest and most charming man in the universe (or thereabouts). And as those of you who have already read the “Watchmen” comics know, Adrian Veidt is … Well, I won’t spoil it, of course. You’ll just have to go see the movie when it shows up in 2008 to find out.

Here’s the cast of “Watchmen” so far, with official announcements to be made at the Comic Con in San Diego a few days from now:

Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhatton, Patrick Wilson as The Night Owl, Malin Ackerman as Silk Spectre, and Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach.

The Malin Ackerman as Silk Spectre one is new to me, but IESB seems to know what they’re doing.

Here’s what Matthew Goode looks like:

Matthew Goode is Ozymandias in Watchmen

And here’s Malin Ackerman, who you may know better as the hot wife of the deformed tow truck driver in “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”:

Malin Ackerman as Silk Spectre