Matthew Vaughn Options Superhero-ish Lexicon

Matthew VaughnI guess Max Barry’s “Lexicon” isn’t actually a superhero story, but it mind as well be one. The premise certainly sounds superhero/comic book-ish:

In Lexicon, the setting is contemporary but in a world where words are potentially lethal weapons–tools for persuading others to do what you want–which are wielded by members of a secret, ancient, global organization of people with an aptitude for persuasion in general. Their most gifted and troubled member, a young woman, breaks the society’s primary rule and falls in love.

Ah, falling in love. Such a nuisance, that.

Vaughn, who is currently prepping the sequel to “X-Men: First Class” for Fox, apparently dug the novel so much that he’s optioned it using his own money. Which, in Hollywood, is quite notable. Usually actors/directors get producers or the studios they’re under contract with to shell out the money for them.

Of course, Vaughn is a busy man. The sequel to “X-Men: First Class” isn’t the kind of movie you can work on while simultaneously working on something else. He’s also set to produce the sequel to “Kick Ass”, though how much actual “producing” he’ll do on that one is anybody’s guess.

“Lexicon”, meanwhile, won’t be published until next year.

Via : Deadline