Matthew Vaughn Directing X-Men First Class? Sounds Kick Ass!

After seeing what he did with a little-known comic book, it’s certainly an intriguing idea to wonder what Matthew Vaughn could do with a big-name property like the “X-Men” franchise. Imagine Vaughn’s creativity on a movie with actual superheroes with, you know, powers and stuff. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, it won’t be happening. At least, according to Deadline, who has reached out to someone in Vaughn’s camp, and came away with this:

Am told the Vaughn discussions were touch and go, and sources close to the director said he won’t be directing the movie.

Earlier in the day, rumors were flying everywhere (and fanboys were getting all dizzy with excitement, no doubt) that Vaughn was the “lead candidate” to replace Bryan Singer as director of the “X-Men” prequel, his would-be second stab at taking over an installment of the mutant franchise. Apparently Vaughn was all set to direct “X-Men: The Last Stand” back in 2005, but for one reason or another, jumped ship on the gig, which eventually went to the much-loved Brett Ratner.

Fox is anxious to get “First Class” into production, and with Vaughn apparently out of the running, that leaves the studio with a short list containing Timur Bekmambetov, Louis Leterrier, David Slade, Daniel Espinosa and Carl Erick Rinsch.

Whoever gets the cushy gig, Fox is expected to make an official announcement by the end of next week.

'Helloooooooooooooo. Brett Ratner here. I'm available, guys. Call me!'