Matthew Vaughn May Direct X-Men First Class After All

First he was in talks to do it, then he changed his mind and decided not to do it, and now he’s … possibly back in negotiations to do it again. That appears to be the case, according to THR, who says “Kick Ass” director Matthew Vaughn is once again back at the negotiations table to direct Fox’s “X-Men: First Class”, the mutant sequel to the franchise built by Bryan Singer before some guy name Brett Ratner took over.

So what exactly convinced Vaughn to come back to the fold? Bryan Singer. As most probably know by now, Singer was originally supposed to direct “First Class”, but commitments to Legendary’s “Jack the Giant Killer” nixed that idea. Instead, Singer will be producing the mutant prequel, and after Vaughn pulled out, it was Singer who continued to talk to him and eventually convinced him to come back.

This is good news for a number of reasons, especially for fans of what Singer has done with the “X-Men” franchise: it means whatever Vaughn (assuming he eventually signs on and doesn’t run away again) ends up putting on the big screen, it will probably be something he and Singer agrees on, and that’s a very good thing.

Fox is certainly very anxious to get “First Class” into production and out in theaters by the Summer of next year. “X-Men: First Class” would follow the adventures of a younger team of mutants led by Professor X, presumably a returning Patrick Stewart.