Matthew Vaughn Talks Thor Movie

For some reason, I’m always surprised when Hollywood announces names of directors for comic book movies. More often than not, the first thought that comes to me is always something along the lines of, “Seriously? You’re going to let THIS guy direct a comic book movie?” But then they do their thing, and the finished product is, usually, pretty good. So while I was a little curious why the powers that be gave the “Thor” job to Matthew Vaughn, I have to admit, after reading this interview he did with Empire Online, I’m starting to like the guy. Thor is NOT going to be wearing a dress, by the way.

More from the interview (via):

“When I went into Marvel for my first X-Men meeting, I saw a figure on the desk and said “˜are you guys are going to make Thor?’ They said, “˜We’re just going to commission a script. We want to do it like Gladiator with Norse mythology and the birth of a superhero’. That really stuck in my mind. And when Marvel saw Stardust, they asked me to do it. So here I am, back again and prepping Thor.”

“My only concern initially was that it’s another fantasy film [after Stardust], but it’s different in the sense that it’s a superhero film set in the world of fantasy. You’ve got Thor and Odin and it’s set in Asgard – it’s not going to be like Lord of the Rings or even Narnia. I think it’s important to keep it comic book. We’re not doing the Thor of Norse mythology. We’re doing the Marvel Thor.”

Empire speculates that Vaughn’s movie will not even make it to Earth, and will instead stay in Asgard for its duration. Of course Vaughn doesn’t say that exactly, and I’m not sure how that would work anyway.

Matthew Vaughn Talks Thor Movie