Max Landis has Issues with Zack Snyder’s Superman in Man of Steel

Max Landis


I get where Max Landis, the writer of “Chronicle”, is coming from with this 9-minute rant (it’s not really a rant, but I guess it’s kinda a rant) on the wanton destruction in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”. There is a LOT of destruction in “Man of Steel”. I’m pretty sure half of tiny ass Smallville gets demolished in the middle section, and half, if not more, of Metropolis gets turned to rubble by the end. I even mentioned it in my review of “Man of Steel”, noting that probably a million (at least) had to have died during that final battle.

Landis, it seems, was struck by the wanton disregard for property and lives in “Man of Steel” as well, but he relates it to how he views Superman. I will admit, I’m not the biggest Superman fan out there. I like the guy enough, but someone that nice and pure and all-powerful just never really interested me. Yes, I’m more of a Batman/Punisher type of guy, and my favorite Punisher stories are always when Frank Castle goes up against some superpowered baddie (or in some cases, superpowered heroes), because I want to see HOW he beats them, or at least, gets out of it alive. That’s great drama to me.

So, what does Landis think about “Man of Steel”? Find out for yourself below. (AVOID THIS if you haven’t seen “Man of Steel” yet.)

For those who never saw it, here is Landis’ infamous rant on comic book Superman that blew up online and went viral (as the kids would say) not all that long ago: