Max Landis has Issues with Zack Snyder’s Superman in Man of Steel


Max Landis


I get where Max Landis, the writer of “Chronicle”, is coming from with this 9-minute rant (it’s not really a rant, but I guess it’s kinda a rant) on the wanton destruction in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”. There is a LOT of destruction in “Man of Steel”. I’m pretty sure half of tiny ass Smallville gets demolished in the middle section, and half, if not more, of Metropolis gets turned to rubble by the end. I even mentioned it in my review of “Man of Steel”, noting that probably a million (at least) had to have died during that final battle.

Landis, it seems, was struck by the wanton disregard for property and lives in “Man of Steel” as well, but he relates it to how he views Superman. I will admit, I’m not the biggest Superman fan out there. I like the guy enough, but someone that nice and pure and all-powerful just never really interested me. Yes, I’m more of a Batman/Punisher type of guy, and my favorite Punisher stories are always when Frank Castle goes up against some superpowered baddie (or in some cases, superpowered heroes), because I want to see HOW he beats them, or at least, gets out of it alive. That’s great drama to me.

So, what does Landis think about “Man of Steel”? Find out for yourself below. (AVOID THIS if you haven’t seen “Man of Steel” yet.)

For those who never saw it, here is Landis’ infamous rant on comic book Superman that blew up online and went viral (as the kids would say) not all that long ago:

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  • Kienerman

    who the hell cares about this guys opinion no offence but chronicle sucked!

  • Scott

    “…it should be 2 guys fighting in space…”

    It’s difficult to imagine a more boring climax.
    I’m beginning to see why Max Landis has such a short résumé.

    • Dedpool

      Yeah that ould be prety freaking boring. I mean unless they’re flying around at supersonic speed firing heat vision, and even that would get boring after a bit.

  • jonas

    So many good ideas, why didn´t he used them in his own Borefest.

  • Juggernaut

    I agree with what he is aying about Man Of Steel,the Death and Return of Superman storyline and Superman as a charcter but he is just so annoying!

  • ErickKwon

    Probably the most interesting thing about nearly all the criticism being leveled at “Man of Steel” has to be crazy amount of people with vastly different ideas about what Superman IS and what sets him apart. Landis seems like another self-appointed Superman expert who is attached to a fairly vague, idealized Superman and then throws around clinical concepts like sociopath and narcissistic while clearly unaware of what those words mean, or loaded millennial phrases like 9/11. To his credit, Landis doesn’t seem to have a problem with Superman killing Zod, but ignores that being an origin story, killing Zod will likely be the root of Superman’s lifelong aversion to killing. It was Superman’s “Great Power, Great Responsbility” moment and was arguably presented with far more clarity than Batman’s no-kill policy. And on a sidenote, Landis’ dad John was on “Politically Incorrect” back in the day, and he stated that he would never ever physically punish his kids; combine that with growing up a 2nd gen Hollywood kid and it probably explains a lot

    • jonas

      Exactly, since Pa Kent no longer dies from a heart attack, the writers needed another way to show that even Superman can´t save everyone.

      • ErickKwon

        I think if you look at the circumstances of Pa’s death and Zod’s, they’re classic “damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t” scenarios, which I thought echoed the shit storm that Batman endured in Nolan’s trilogy.

        • Dedpool

          Very estute of you! I have been defending Pa Kent’s death and choice since I’ve seen teh film. It’s like Perry even says when Lois says she’s dropping the story, the world isn’t ready for that yet, and its not until the Kryptonians arrive that it becomes necesarry to show up. This is also in the “interview” Clark does with Superman in “Superman: Earth One,” where he says he didn’t NEED to come out until there was something that humanity couldn’t handle itself.

    • Juggernaut

      I completely agree with the idea that by killing Zod he will forever try not to kill again. Great point. Besides what was he going to do? Take him into the Kryptonian scout ship that served as Clark/Kal’s fortress of solitude in the film and go into a reversing capsule

      • ErickKwon

        And perhaps just as traumatic to Superman is this chaser: As far as he knows, he just snuffed out the last other living Kryptionian. Sure, I hope the Kandorians make an appearance in the sequels, and Zod’s team may have actually been sent back to the Phantom Zone or warped to another corner of the universe, but as far as Superman knows, he’s now the Last Son of Krypton.

        • Dedpool

          All your points are valid and well thought out! Love it! So much “This isn’t Superman” Talk but no one is taking into account this isn’t the version they grew up with and we’re getting to a version of that character. Yeah Zod’s death and the death of the embryos was a hard decision for him but it was his humanity winning out, and it cost him a lot.

  • Michael Burch

    I find it contrary to what was said in his “Sleep of Superman” rant, which I agree with. I Did feel betrayed by Superman’s death not being permanent. DC did kill death in comics. Landis also said, “No one cares about Superman as a character”, or something like that. Now he goes out of his way to prove how much he ‘cares’ about Superman? Please take offense when I say, “Chronicle Fuckin’ sucked!”. I sat through that garbage movie… with a GIRL! I didn’t even want to see that movie… “Man of Steel” was a weak movie, but Landis did make very good points.

  • augustus

    I’m sorry but what the FUCK do you think is going to happen when to Gods fight on earth! Do u really think Zod was going to be like “yeah lets go somewhere we can fight and no one will get hurt”. If you ever read a Superman comic or even watch the animated series then you know shit gets fuck up! you may not see the death or think about it but there is a lot of destruction going on. When your saving the world from a FUCKING invasion do you really think there is not going to be a lot of casualties? The reason i like the movie is because it was more realistic because of the death and destruction. I happen just the way it would have happened in real life.

    • Dedpool

      Exactly!! Here Here Sir!!

  • augustus

    For every life that was lost, a million more was saved!

    • Dedpool

      Exactly! When the choice comes down to stopping the property damage and saving lives around the city, or stopping the machine that will make it so ALL HUMANITY dies, the choice is very very simple. Had he stopped to concentrate on saving people in Metropolis the world would’ve ended, literally. Smallville is a different story but his emotions got the better of him there. He may not be human, but for all intents and purposes where his powers aren’t front and center he is. And two more things, first this is an origin story, this isn’t the veteran Superman we know that can save everybody in the blink of an eye and still stop the bad guy. And two this is a 21st century Superman. One that has grown up and seen the horrible things humanity can do as we all have, and yet still beleives in the greatness of humanity. He can’t be the same boyscout as the 70’s and 60’s but he can still eb an example of hope.

  • jonas


    “I´m not above superhero movies”.

    Who the hell does he think he is?

  • Seel

    Who the f*#*! is that guy?