Max Landis Reveals his Story Idea for the Chronicle 2 That Will Never Be

Chronicle (2012) Movie Image

A sequel to Josh Trank’s “Chronicle” will get made eventually, you can bet your ass on that. The film, made for a relatively cheap $12 million, grossed $126 million for Fox. That’s the kind of return on investment studios are wild about.

But as we all now know, Trank and the film’s original writer, Max Landis have been booted from the project. Or, well, Landis, anyway. Trank is probably just way too busy with the gazillion other projects everyone is throwing at him coming off the success of “Chronicle”. (For instance, there’s that “Fantastic Four” reboot…)

Thanks to the power of Twitter, though, Landis has revealed his original idea for a sequel to “Chronicle”, and though he doesn’t say it, I am assuming this was the pitch he gave to the suits at Fox. (Though he did say “written”, so maybe he actually put it to paper and turned in a script?) Anyways, so what was his idea? A woman with powers (similar to the telekinesis used by the three teenage guys from the first movie, I’m assuming) decides to become the world’s first supervillain:

I like that idea. An “Avengers”-type team-up at the end to battle a crazed chick with powers. That would have been kind of fun, actually. I wonder if the whole thing was supposed to be Found Footage, too? He didn’t really say, but it sounds like it, but told from the would-be villain’s POV, maybe?

Oh well. When Fox finally does get their “Chronicle 2” in theaters, it’ll be fun to compare the result with what Landis had planned.