Mad Max: Fury Road Will Lock Supermodels In Cages

Abbey Lee Kershaw

One day, maybe not any time soon, but one day, hopefully before I die, we’re going to get another installment of George Miller’s “Mad Max” franchise. It seems like Miller has been working on “Mad Max: Fury Road” forever. There have been delays from all sides, including weather related postponements—maybe god doesn’t want another “Mad Max” movie. Despite all the hiccups and speed bumps, it looks like “Fury Road” is moving forward, at least gradually. But hell, baby steps are better than no steps at all.

After the end of the world as we know it, beautiful women are a rarity, and as such, they’ll be locked up in cages. I can’t help but imagine post-apocalyptic go-go dancers, but perhaps that’s me projecting my own psychosis onto the situation. Anyway, there will be women in cages, how many remains to be seen, but Miller has cast at least one, model Abbey Lee Kershaw.

This will be Kershaw’s first film role, but she is apparently the world’s fifth most in demand model (I have no idea how they quantify that), and also has her own band. There are no details on her role, and whether or not Kershaw will have lines or simply be there as scenery remains to be seen. My main concern with this situation is that casting people, especially people who one would imagine would have a busy schedule in front of them, means things are progressing with “Fury Road”, and that makes me happy.

Tom Hardy is on board to take over the role that helped launch pre-racist-tirade Mel Gibson into the realm of global superstardom, and Charlize Theron is also involved in some way. Production is set to begin next month in Namibia. While this date is a good sign, I’ll have to wait and see it actually start before I get too excited. I’ve down this road many times, and have been hurt in the past.

Via : Daily Telegraph