Max Payne 3 Trailer Has All Kinds of Brooding, Noir, and Bloodletting

Max Payne 3 Game Images

Still waiting for a sequel to the Mark Wahlberg movie “Max Payne”? Um, you should probably stop holding your breath, cause it ain’t gonna happen, chief. Meanwhile, Rockstar Games is getting set to launch “Max Payne 3” early next year, so there’s this to look forward to. Check out the first trailer for the much-anticipated sequel, full of the brooding, noir-tinged voiceover narration you’ve come to expect from the game franchise. The premise is very “Man on Fire”-esque, and the bald, slightly beergut-sporting Max is awesomely unique in the world of gaming.

Still haunted by the memories of his traumatic past, Max begins a new life working private security protecting a wealthy industrialist and his family in São Paulo, Brazil. When gangs target the family under his protection, Max is forced to fight to save his clients and clear his name, in a bid to, once and for all, rid himself of the demons that have tortured him for far too long.

Max blasts onto the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC sometime in March 2012.