Max Payne is a Shotgun Packing Badass

While I’m still not sold on the decision to cast a very short actress to play the tall, leggy, and oh so dangerous Mona Sax (seriously, guys, Mila Kunis? What were you dudes smoking during the casting sessions?), the trailer for “Max Payne” kinda sold the movie for me. This thing looks great, and no, I’m not going to label it as another “Matrix” clone. I know it’s hard for you kids out there to believe, but there WERE other movies made before your precious “Matrix”. And besides, if “Max Payne” is a rip off of anything, it’s all of John Woo’s Hong Kong films, something that the game owns up to.

On the subject of “Max Payne” and “The Matrix”, Mark Wahlberg had this to say in the latest issue of Total Film magazine, which just happens to have Wahlberg as Payne on the cover:

“They haven’t just ripped off The Matrix, they waited until the technology has been available to do it properly. We’ve been shooting at 1000 frames per second. And I’m not on any wires, either! All the jumping and firing and flipping and landing on my head… That’s all real! We shot it all on film, man!

“We weren’t doing motion capture then sitting around waiting for some studio to deliver the special-effects shots. It’s for real.”

Heh. Looks like Mark and the “Max Payne” gang will be fending off this “Matrix” accusation for a little while longer. When it gets out, man, it’s hard to stop these things. Anyways, the cool cover from the mag below.

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Max Payne Magazine Cover