Max Steel Live-Action Movie Taps Ben Winchell and Ana Villafane as Leads

Max Steel

Remember when that “Twilight” kid with the abs was supposed to star in a “Max Steel” movie? Well, that was a while ago. Whatever happened that “Twilight” kid with the abs, anyway? I bet someone wishes there had split the final “Twilight” movie into three (or four) movies instead of just two…

Anyhoo. “Max Steel” is moving on, and it’s now set young lad Ben Winchell (Disney’s “A.N.T. Farm,” “Necessary Roughness”) and young lass Ana Villafañe (“Hiding,” “Los Americans”) as its male and female leads.

The plot of the movie, for those of you who can’t wait:

The high-octane story centers on teenager Max McGrath and his alien companion Steel, who combine special turbo-energy powers to become the superhero Max Steel. The film provides audiences with the first new superhero in decades, bringing a positive and relatable hero to audiences of all ages, while combining action and adventure with teamwork, laughter and friendship.

Winchell is set to play the titular Max Steel, while Villafañe will play Max’s love interest, Sydney Gardner.

“Max Steel,” which is being produced by Dolphin Films and Mattel, will hit theaters in 2015. Stewart Hendler is directing from a script by Christopher Yost (“Thor: The Dark World”).

The two fresh faced leads below:

Ana VillafaneBen Winchell