Maybe Nicolas Cage Isn’t in the Untouchables Prequel After All

If you were one of the five people who got all excited when you heard Nicolas Cage had joined the “Untouchables” prequel, “The Untouchables: Capone Rising”, then this is potentially sad news for you. (And if you’re one of the millions who didn’t care, well, nevermind then.) Variety reports that Cage, citing scheduling conflicts, is wavering on starring in Brian DePalma’s prequel. Apparently negotiations for him to join the project aren’t going well, and have ended with no solutions. Now Cage’s people are citing “scheduling conflicts”. This, after Gerard Butler was recently announced to be playing Jimmy Malone, the Irish cop who opposes Cage’s young Capone.

And I was so looking forward to Nic Cage as Al Capone, too. Look, I even did this cool poster! Genius, right?