McFarlane Promies a Moderately Budgeted, R-Rated Spawn Movie

Todd McFarlane is adamant that he’s going to make his version of “Spawn” come hell or high water, and you gotta admire that kind of commitment. The comic book artist/writer turned toyline wunderkind tells MTV that the reason he’s going with a small, $5-million dollar-ish budget for his version of “Spawn” is to avoid having to deal with big studio bigwigs that will want a PG-13 rating from him. McFarlane ain’t gonna go for that.

“The reason I want to go small with it is that it’s a completely R-rated movie. If I sell it up big, studios want that PG-13. They’re a little bit gun-shy with ‘Watchmen’ not doing the numbers they’d like. But I’ve met people who make $5 million dollar movies for a living, and they walk around with the biggest grins on their faces.”

According to McFarlane, he’s still banging out the script, and seems certain he’ll have it done soon enough. As previously reported, McFarlane is looking to go low-tech with his “Spawn” movie, giving it more of an urban vigilante feel with Spawn kept in the background for much of the movie.

How that’ll work out remains to be seen. After all, a Spawn movie where Spawn isn’t the focus? Could that possibly work?

Wait, this is my movie, and I'm in the background? What a gyp.

Wait, this is my movie, and I'm in the background? What a gyp.