McG is Confirmed to Direct T4? Say It Ain’t So!

A little while back, director McG was rumored to be in the running for the “Terminator 4” directing gig, but I don’t think anyone took it all that seriously. Or, more specifically, I think everyone was so frightened of the idea of the guy who directed the “Charlie’s Angels” movie directing a Terminator movie that we were all hoping against hope that it wouldn’t be true. Well, it appears the Gods are once again defying the will of the Internet fanboys, and McG has officially been confirmed as directing the fourth installment of the Terminator franchise. Or at least, that’s the word from, so it’s still just an internet confirmation, which is about, oh, 10% less valuable than, say, a Variety or Hollywood Reporter confirmation.

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…we can exclusively report that McG has, in fact, signed on to direct TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS. We received a report last night about the signing from an inside source and we were able to independently confirm the news this morning. With McG at the helm, at least you can guarantee a good looking movie.

We can be “guarantee a good looking movie”? Um, Joblo guys, my dog Spud can crap out a movie with the budget and crew McG is going to have at his disposal and he could deliver you a “good looking movie”. Geez, what’s happened to the “mad at the drop of a hat” fanboy Internet base nowadays?

Personally, I think McG is a talentless hack. His big break was “Charlie’s Angels”, and it was a movie that was composed almost entirely of action sequences lifted from other, better movies. Sure, it was stupid, dumb brain mush entertainment, and I have nothing against it, but come on, this guy can’t tell a coherent narrative without resorting to obscene uses of slow and fast motion gags.

The fourth installment of the Terminator franchise will be called “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins”, and is intended as the first of a brand new trilogy that will follow a new set of characters beyond the pre-existing ones we’re used to (John Connor, etc.)

McG is Confirmed to Direct T4